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St James, Holburn Junction Branch News 2011

November 2011 Branch Meeting


Unfortunately, we were unable to have a communion service at the home of one of our member's as our minister could not make it. However, we had the very beautiful service of Compline which was much appreciated by all. Janet, our host did us proud with refreshments and we were all grateful to her for allowing us to meet there.


On Friday, 25th November, there was a service to lay the issue of domestic violence before God, held at St Mary's, Carden Place, Aberdeen. It was led by our MU chaplain, The Rev. Graham Taylor.


There was a Diocesan Quiet Day for Advent at St Mary's on the rock, Ellon on  Saturday 3rd December.


For our next meeting on December 13th, we are going out for a Christmas lunch.

Our AGM will take place on Saturday, 15th January 2012 in St James' vestry at 10.30am

Christine Horrocks



Our Indoor Members Book


This book now has a photo of our each of our two indoor members and a resume of their journey in the Mothers' Union. It has already been taken to a diocesan service on Mary Sumner day at St Mary on the Rock, Ellon.



October 2011 Branch Meeting

Our meeting on Tuesday 11th October saw a very select group of five members meet to discuss articles of interest. We had a good, far reaching discussion and put the world to rights.


Our next meeting is to be a home communion at the home of one of our member's. Anyone wishing to come should get in touch with the branch leader for the address.


There is to be a Diocesan Quiet Day for Advent at St Mary on the Rock, Ellon on  Saturday 3rd December from 11am to 3pm. Some of our members are hoping to attend.


For our December meeting, we are going out for a Christmas lunch.

Christine Horrocks

Branch Leader


September 2011 Branch Meeting


A small group of us met to see and hear about our branch leader's trip to see the Passion Play at Oberammergau last year. The official book of the play has some stunning photographs in it and we listened to a CD of the choral music which is exquisite too.


The next meeting on Tuesday 8th October is a discussion and members have been asked to bring a suitable cutting/article for this discussion.


July 2011 Branch Meeting


The meeting on the evening of Tuesday 12th July 2011 with Rev. Canon Graham Taylor, our Diocesan Chaplain, and his Musing on South Africa went well and was very revealing about conditions in Mthatha.


He showed us the fairly wealthy Cathedral and a rather poor church out in the wild. They were so pleased that he had visited them to preach, he was given their collection and told to buy something to remember them by. The Mothers' Union were in great evidence. We were told amongst other things that unless a woman is a Mothers' Union member, she could not be ordained!


Next month's meeting is another alteration to our programme as there is to be a service at St Mary-on-the-Rock, Ellon for Mary Sumner Day and we decided that we should all go to that. It is at 2 pm and will be led by Rev Peter Mander.


The September meeting will be the postponed talk on Oberammergau and The Passion Play.

Christine Horrocks


A Scrapbook of Memories


A member of our branch, Mrs Mary Byars has gifted to the diocesan Mothers' Union a scrapbook she has kept since the centenary of the Mothers' Union in 1976. She has in her time been, secretary, enrolling member as it was in her day and treasurer.


It contains photos of gatherings, Christmas meetings in one another's homes, outings to places like Stirling and Haddo House and General Meetings plus overseas cuttings amongst many other snippets of news and photos.


It is available for anyone to look at and maybe identify  the different people in photos and cuttings. Please make inquiries to St James' branch leader, Mrs Christine Horrocks  at


Members in Our Thoughts


Our Faith and Policy unit coordinator, Mrs Olga Robertson who is a member of our branch, has given each branch in the diocese a book to record members who are unable to get to events. The idea is to keep a record of any visits, letters etc and to take the book to any diocesan services we may have. This is so they can be kept in our thoughts and prayers in spirit at least.


At St James, we have decided to give a short history of their MU careers and with it a photograph of them. We are currently trying to organise this.

Mrs Christine Horrocks

Branch Leader




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