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Bye Buy Childhood Campaign

Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Young People


The society we live in can be judged by how individuals treat one another and by how individuals are treated by those with power and authority.   Evidence is available that the lives of young people, especially, but not only, those who lack the love and support of parents and a community, are negatively affected by the images and sounds that bombard their senses.


The exploitative strategies directed towards the young by the mass media, particularly the fashion, beauty, diet, music and advertising industries are contributing to a raft of consequences such as eating disorders, depression, body image disturbances and low self esteem.  The images which depict females in submissive poses further undermine the confidence of young women and encourage young men to embrace aggressive behaviour.   The consumption of such stimuli makes the development of healthy relationships which demand mutuality a much prized outcome, rather than the norm.


While the young cannot be fully protected from noxious elements there is a need for a two-pronged approach; one to equip young people to be media literate and develop the ability to decipher the techniques and strategies used by corporate businesses to get their money and also influence how they live and feel about themselves.    The second is as has been done in other countries conditions placed on corporate businesses to desist from unscrupulous and unethical strategies.




Mother's Union recently launched the above campaign to raise awareness and suggest positive actions to reduce the negative impact of commercialisation on the lives of children.  

Mary Sumner House commissioned ComRes who recruited 1000 parents and 1000 MU members into the study.

The key finding revealed that almost 60% of participants agree media content and advertising is harmful by:


Mother's Union pledge to;


The full report can be accessed at by clicking here.


        Ann Glenesk

        20th September 2010




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