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Diocese of Edinburgh

Worldwide President’s Visit to Edinburgh 2009

Left to right: Sue Crosfield, Diocesan President; Rt Rev Brian Smith, Bishop of Edinburgh; Rosemary Kempsell; and Sheila Redwood, Scottish Provincial President.


Worldwide President in Edinburgh


Lissa Smith, the Bishop's wife welcomed us to her home where 18 members met to welcome our Worldwide President, Rosemary Kempsell, accompanied by her husband and our Provincial President, Sheila Redwood, also accompanied by her husband.


After mid-day prayers taken by Sheila, we all met and mingled together befir serving ourselves with a delicious two course lunch over which there was plenty of chat.


The Bishop was able to catch up with us towards the end of the lunch. He had been otherwise engaged earlier as the Episcopal Representative to the Church of Scotland Assembly,


We then all gathered together for Rosemary to give a short talk, mainly about her travels to Africa and the Caribbean and the effect her visit to the children of Africa, infected with AIDS, had on her.  Mothers' Union has had representatives in New York at UNESCO  since 2001 and the main theme this year was AIDS. She was glad to see Marion Chatterley with us who was also in New York.  She also spoke about Kenya, where they have a scheme of ‘texting’ (they all seem to have mobile phones) a certain number of Prayers, a scheme Sheila thought was well worth looking into.


Rosemary was particularly delighted to see prospective members from our new Branch at St Ninian's (Comely Bank), who will have their enrolling service in September.

Left to Rt - Rev Canon David Redwood, Sheila's husband; Margaret Gibbs; Rev Marion Chatterley; Rev Andrew Bain (Past Edinburgh MU Chaplain (after Philip Crosfield), Rector of St Ninian's, Comely Bank where there is to be a new  Branch)


Rosemary has had a very full week visiting 5 Dioceses here in Scotland and they faced a long journey home. We all had a nice few hours together with our Worldwide President and hope she manages to visit us again.


We thank Lissa for her hospitality in opening her home to us and also to Sue Crosfield, our  Edinburgh Diocesan President, for organising it all, especially the food which we all enjoyed.


Joyce Black,

Edinburgh Diocese MU Secretary

(who also took the photos)















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